My name is Marta. I’ve been designing and making dolls and other toys for about 8 years now. First only for my family and friends but as the passion grew I’ve started researching and perfecting my dolls and eventually I’ve openned an online store.

Now making dolls is my life along with beeing a mother of three beautiful girls that inspire me every day to do more and better.

Making dolls has been a journey, I’ve learned so much, and will always continue to learn, about the process of creating a doll and the importance of open ended creative play for our children.

Each doll, each toy has a story and a little bit of me.

In our home little girls wonder about who will be their family and we’re used to find tiny bits os wool and fabrics in the most unexpected places. My three helpers have fun suggesting colors and wool and they always give their (most treasured) opinion about the little girls.
Sometimes there’s one little girl that for some reason wants to stay with us and every once in a while I give in and our doll collection is also growing.