A toast to the start of a great year

Happy 2018!! (It’s never too late to wish happiness, is it?!)

I’m toasting with a big cup of coffee today, a bit early here for anything else (and well, I do love coffee).


My last orders from 2017 are all ready to go and fly home tomorrow and I’m reopening the shop today! <3

2018 have been in my mind for a while. There’s so much I want to do. Even if I only acomplish half of what I plan to do next it will be the start of new adventures with dollies. I will be sharing as soon as I have news to give and new work to show. <3  I hope you have as much fun with it as I’m having!

I also want to share more of the process and I’ll be using mostly my instagram to do it. Until now I had my personal instagram active and haven’t been using the shop instagram but I will start to use both more often and my personal account will have less dollies and more of… well, more of everything else ;) so I ask you to follow the other account if you haven’t already. I will not turn my personal account private because you have become family already but if you are there for the dolls only my la.petite.collection account is the one to follow.

My first lady of 2018 flown away even before I could do a proper photoshoot. Hoping somewhere along the way I get some photos and I’ll share her then. I can say she has a v unusual size for me ;) and I will have more for sure!

To start the year the perfect way I will message everyone in the customs list. To know if this is the right time to think about your new Tiny Petite and after I contact everyone to give a time frame of when to expect your Tiny Petite to be made.

The same conditions as previoulsy apply, please check here if you are in the custom list.

From the previous post:

The Tiny Petites measure about 9 in /23 cm and are made according to the traditional Waldorf doll style. They come with details like tiny ears, belly button, cute bottoms, knee dimples and elbow dimples if you’d like.

They will come with 5 pieces of clothing of your choice including a hand knitted piece, plus underware and shoes of course.

You can choose hair from mohair yarn (Dolly Mo) or mohair weft. If you decide on another type of hair the cost will be adjusted.

The cost is 170 Euros (adjusted for the extra clothing) plus shipping. Half the payment to be made in 24 hours of my contact and the final payment plus shipping to be made when  ready to go home.

I plan to make 12 customs this year. Three in each trimester. When I finish the custom list I will be opening new customs but this time only a few at a time. As usual customs timmings are very difficult to predict because of their intrinsic nature and because materials can also take a while to arrive.

So let’s get this party started! Shop is now open with two cuties waiting to go home!

<3 Have the best year yet!! <3









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