Weekly News

There’s lot of wonderful news this week! Where to begin?
There’s a young lady going home very soon that has prolonged her stay for a bit but, as you know, sometimes it takes us a bit to decide on the proper attire to take home.

The tiny ones that found their homes last week are all ready for their trip to the post offices to begin their journey home. Don’t worry because they are all cosy and resting so they will arrive home full of energy, wich will be put to good use in all the hugging that awaits their mamas).

Two tiny little ones will be jumping in the store tomorrow but there’s a catch, will be back to this in a bit. Let me introduce them first.


Once upon a time two little girls met in Lisboa. We ended up having a cup of tea together and they told me a bit of their story.


Misty was born in Oxford, UK. Daughter of well known University of Oxford teachers (I have no idea on the subjects they teach but I like to imagine Molecular Biology and Arts ;) ).

In the Summer they like to travel across Europe in a ver tiny Mini from the eighties, sleeping in B&Bs and letting locals guide them to the next destination. Misty says it’s her favorite time of the year alongside with Christmas. And that’s why she was in Lisboa spending the end of Summer.




petite parisienne

Anouk was born in Paris. Her parents have an antique store in Montmartre and she loves living there. She’s everything you imagine a Parisien young lady would be… or maybe not… :) you’ll have to find out.

They also like to travel around Europe oldest cities but they usually choose Winter to do it as there’s a lot less tourists.



Their usual plans were not met this year and luckily that meant they had the opportunity to get to know each other and became friends here in Lisboa.

Well, now all about that catch, PLEASE read CAREFULLY so we are not lost in translation, as you know english is not my mother language.

I will be starting the last 3 custom spots for 2017.

As you know I’m very slow with customs and I still have requests on my customs list that are more than enough for 2018 so I decided to give dibbs on these ready to go girls to those on the custom list (which will replace your custom spot so you will be removed from the custom list!!) so, if you are on the custom list, either by filling the form on the site last year or by request and I confirmed your name, and are interested in taking one of these girls home sent me a message to  lapetitecollection@lapetitecollection.com with the one you’d love to bring home. If there is more than one request I will go in order.

After that I will be messaging the next 3 persons on the customs list to start their custom.

If everyone rather keep with the original custom plans I will list these girls tomorrow, sunday 22 at 10 pm Lisboa time in the etsy shop.

Each one of the girls will be 170 Euros plus 13 euros shipping costs.

Please send me a message if there is any doubts.

Thank you!!







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