in the 18th century…


Scarlet is just about 12 in tall.

She has the proportions of a older (not by much though) girl than my usual tinies, just like Elodie. She has the same,more realistic outlined legs and more defined knees. The usual details are all there: tiny ears, outie belly button, cute buttocks, knee and elbow dimples.


But Scarlet has also some very different features :

Although her pattern and proportions are very similar to Elodie the making process is completely different.

Scarlet has sculpted arms and legs and is wool jointed at the knees, hands and elbows which allows a lot more movement and fun!

Sitting for tea and cakesweetest smile there iskneesarms

She’s firmly but softly filled with carded wool.

Her head is completely sculpted by needlefelting as are her neck, arms and legs. Constructed to allow movement of the head, arms and legs making her even more fun to play with. Cute details were then added with thread and embroidery floss. Her eyes are the most beautiful blue and her lips and cheeks are -blushed with pink colored beeswax.

Her hair is comercial wefted long and wavy blond hair.


When giving life to an 18th century girl there’s a lot to consider: facial and body features… hair… clothes… even name, oh what an amazing thing names are, what they enclose, their meaning…

I have found that in England in the 18th century (where and when Scarlet was born) there was a few very (well let’s say) “different” popular names for girls. Thankfully Scarlet parents chose a beautiful name for her. ;)
(apparently Easter and Christmas were two of the most popular names, to give you an example. Oh and Dorcas was a very popular girl name too so you see why Scarlet is so happy with her own name).

would you like some tea

When we started to choose her wardrobe we knew there would have to be a dress (such a scandal if she wore pants then!) and a capelet. Oh and beautiful embroidered shoes! And of course underwear to match.

So Scarlet will take home:

• a long floral dress
details on the dress: long floral overskirt
long pink underskirt with cotton lace details
blue glittery details in the overskirt, at the waist and bows on the shoulders
velvet bows on the bodice
tiny pearl buttons with embroidery details to close in the back

would you like some teatiny pearl buttons

• a natural color wool capellet with embroidery details (in the most beautiful silver glittery floss) and a beautiful soft pink rose button to close

• honeywool mary janes closing with a pearl button and hand embroidered with a silver glittery floss and the most gorgeous copper toned metal butterflies

butterfly shoes

• satin hairpiece with flowers, a long satin ribbon to allow every hairstyle you can think of


• and of course matching cotton undies with satin bows, like young girls would love around 1760

sweetest smile there is

Scarlet took me a very long time to complete but I couldn’t be happier to give life to such and amazing girl.

Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s such a pleasure to see you!

Scarlet will be in the etsy shop in about two hours, waiting for you.

(Along with Scarlet listing will be also up a listing for clothes for Scarlet. As she has a very defined wardrobe I chose to offer a few extra pieces to be made in case they are wanted.)


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