I will tell you a story about how I tried to have Florence pose for a photoshoot and ended up running behind her around the house hoping for at least one decent photo.

Maybe you can keep up with Florence.

Here she is, cute as a button…

it all started pretty well…

cute as a button

but it went downhill soon. Not even her braids can keep still!

even the braids cant keep still

“it’s a bit hot in here for all this, isn’t it?”

its a bit hot in here

“oops I think this needs to be straighten up!”

(by now I knew my only option was to try to keep up )

“Perfect spot for pictures here in the balcony, don’t you think?”

perfect spot in the balcony

“Oh, wait, is there a bug over there?”

is there a bug over there

“We should go in, maybe a few photos by the beautiful ancient tiles?”

“Oh isn’t the light just perfect here?!”

oh isnt the light perfect here

“Hello!!Up here”

hello there

“Of course I can keep still!”

of course i can keep still



“I’ll be here, standing very, very still…”

i ll be here standing very very still

“Not moving a muscle…!”

not moving a muscle

“I think someone called me over there!”

i think someone called me over there

“But you’re shoothing the clothes, you don’t need me.”

but you are shooting the clothes you dont need me

“Are we done yet?!”

are we done yet

Love you!

“Love you too!”

love you too




Florence is ready to find her home here:










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