It’s almost Summer


We are fast approaching Summer here, and I long for the neverending afternoons, salted water and sand on my feet. Are you too? or cozing up to knitted blankets and warm tea?

Wether is a cold lemonade or a warm tea Elodie would very much love to share it with you.

all pretty in my new dress

Elodie has been on my mind and sketches for quite a while now but it took a bit to jump from paper to real life. So many new things in her pattern and construction that I’m sure I’ll miss something, but you can see them all in the pictures she happily posed for.

Elodie is a true sunbeam and she’s been lighting my days for a while now. She’s now ready to shine and bring light to her true home.


I woke her up at the crack of dawn (no I did not but she insists it was way too early)

I'll just stay here and look for the starsElodie wakes up

And she imediately said that if photos must be taken she would wear her favorite dress and show us all the places she’ll go:

all the places I'll be

“I was born here, you can almost see my home at the bottom left.”

where I was born

“First I’ll go to India”

first India

“Then France”

what an amazing world

Elodie has never seen waterfalls you see.

I've never seen waterfalls

“Will you take me?”

dreaming with her eyes open


Oh and the technicalities of course, almost forgetting:

Elodie is just about 12 in tall.

I'll go to balls in palaces

She has the proportions of a older (not by much though) girl than my usual tinies. She has more realistic outlined legs and a bit different, more defined knees (like my last couple girls do).

The usual details are all there: tiny ears, outie belly button,  cute buttocks, knee and elbow dimples.

The construction of the body is not much different from my usual apart from the feet where I actually changed the pattern (still cute or even cuter ;) ). She’s firmly but softly filled with carded wool.

Her head is completely sculpted by needlefelting as is her neck and constructed to allow some movement of the head making her even more fun to play with. the cute details are then added with thread and embroidery floss. Her eyes are dark brown  and her lips and cheeks are blushed with pink colored beeswax.

Her hair is brown tibetan lambskin and it’s amazingly soft.

And her wardrobe! Oh her wardrobe!

She’s not very demanding girl I tell you but since she’s the first one this size I wanted to make sure she was ready for every occasion. Elodie, on the other hand, just wanted to make sure she was ready to follow her wanderer, gipsy spirit wherever it takes her. We happened to agree on very different outfits in the end. So she will take home:

• a dark blue floral dress (from a repurposed dress that has been with me since the beggining of this dollmaking adventure waiting for the perfect one)

• a leather wrap belt with a tiny nedlefelted “medallion” with her constellation, Gemini, embroidered


• a floral dress with a pink cotton lace bow accent

I can t stop taking photos

• a light moss green shawl with a wood button perfect for chilly nights

• very, very fancy pajamas –  that’s what Elodie calls them ;)

perfect bedhead

• leather boots

• wool shoes with beads and embroidery detail


• bunny slippers (because everyone needs a pair of bunny slippers)

• AND a embroidered on wool hair pin for the days when she really wants to tame her wild hair (doubt that will happen though)


• and of course cotton undies and socks, you didn’t think I would let her leave without them would you?!

• a sweet metal suitcase to complete the set and make sure Elodie has somewhere to keep all her belongings

just one more

Wow that’s a lot now that I see it all written down. It explains very well why she took so long to get ready.

traveling with


Elodie will be waiting for her family in the etsy shop around 9 pm GMT.

Her price is 375 €, plus shipping.



Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to see you!








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