Hello! Please join me with a cup of tea or coffee and let me introduce you to Genevieve.


Genevieve is not very happy today because I promised to take her to the forest or at least to a park for photos but it’s pouring rain, you see, and I was afraid if I¬†kept my promise we both would be soaking wet before the first photo could be taken.


You can have a first glimpse of Genevieve personality by her pouting about staying home.

She’s a very special young lady, unlike anyone I’ve ever known.


Her goal is to be self sufficient or, at least, just have to resort to trades between people in a small¬†village. She doesn’t even contemplate living in the City – too busy, too noisy, too much.


So she grabs her leather bag and goes searching for toadstools in the hopes she will find a few edible ones to trade for knits from her favorite knitter or leather goods.


The only thing I believe she likes the city for are libraries and bookshops. You see, Genevieve can’t resist a bookstore ;) and nothing compares to wander in a library or a bookshop (she definitely dislikes online shops).



Genevieve is about 11 inches tall, about 29 cm made with Laib Yala cotton fabric and clean, carded and combed portuguese wool.

Her features are needle sculpted and her brown eyes and freckles are embroidered with cotton embroidery thread.

She has all the usual details: neck,ears, cute bottom, knee and elbow dimples and a tiny outie belly button.



Genevieve will go home wearing:

cotton bloomers with blue velvet bow

pointelle cotton socks


dress in a gorgeous aqua green cotton with 3/4 sleeves and a leather belt

brown heartshape shawl in the most scrumptious wool


dark brown leather boots

leather bag with 3 toadstools matching the mending of her dress

leather headband





If you’d like to offer¬†Genevieve a home please come to the etsy shop around 10 pm (GMT time) today (May 10).

Thank you, Genevieve loved meeting you!!





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