on Easter one should always follow the white rabbit (except it turns out he is now a grey rabbit)🐇

🐇 it will take you to a cute girl named Primrose :)


Isn’t she the sweetest?!


Tiny Primrose is my ode to Spring. I don’t write poetry, or music, I do not paint… My form of expression is “birthing” little souls from wool and fabric. Primrose is my Spring and Easter in wool and fabric form.


Just like Spring Primrose is sweet and warm.

10Her favorite place to be is in a greenhous all year round… except for Spring of course, when no one can drag her inside. Bare feet and she’s ready to go out and find a new flower in her favorite plants every day. She will come back to let you know every new flower that blossoms, every new bud.


Primrose will be waiting for the cubs that will be born this Spring and will be very, very quiet watching their first steps and explorations amazed as life emerges in this extraordinary season.



Primrose measures about 23/24 cm, 9 inches.

Primrose is made according to the Waldorf tradition with Laib Yala cotton fabric for skin and the most wonderful portuguese clean and carded wool resulting in a firm but cuddly friend.

As I continue to make tiny dolls my pattern is always evolving, Primrose is a bit slimmer than most of the Tiny Petites although I decided to use the same dress pattern as before, it’s on the wider side but not too much, just perfectly confortable as Primrose says AND she can share if she ever has a Tiny sister. She also has a longer neck and her knees are a bit more pronouced, but I’m not sure anyone but me would notice ;)

She has a cute bottom, knee dimples (the new kind of knees) and this time an outie belly button all sculpted using needle and thread. Her face details were “drawn” with cotton embroidery floss. Her hair is Wild mohair in a light pink.


Primrose wears:

cotton bloomers,

cotton knit socks in pink

a handknitted short sleeve cardigan knitted in the most perfect blue with the amazing Beiroa yarn from Retrosaria Rosa Pomar

dress in a beautiful blue and white floral print

pinafore in a blues and pinks floral print

white felt flowercrown with a white ribbon that ties with a bow in the back of her head

leather boots with brown ties

she will also bring a teazle brush with a wood block handle & fine angled metal prongs perfect to gently brush out her hair as needed




Thank you so much for coming here to meet this cutie and know a bit more about her!!


and now do please keep following the white/grey rabbit if you’d like to offer Primrose a home

🐇 http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaPetiteCollection/ 🐇


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