Gertie is very happy to know you stopped by to meet her!

As you already know, I believe, Gertie is the only one of the 4 kids here (YES there is a boy among the group!!) that doesn’t already has a home to go to. I promised to take care of it asap and so here we are.


But before you melt, like I do, looking at her cute face I do feel the need to warn you about a few of Gertie’s…well… peculiar qualities:

Gertie will never, ever stop asking questions. She clearly wants to know everything and she will always ask the most unlikely question and you will always wonder how did she thought of that. When you answer she will be satisfied for a few minutes, just until something else catches her attention and she will be back with new and amazing wonders.

Gertie will always (and I mean EVERY single time you try to find her) be in the most improbable place. Just to give you a few examples her favorite places over here are:

up on the higher shelf of the studio


inside or sitting on the huge drawers of the bigger desk


up on the wall in any place confortable enough to be dreaming of her home


So… Gertie will never be a quiet, calm girl.

She will¬†however and for sure (that I can promise) make you laugh until your belly hurts and make you think twice about the most mundane things around you. You will certainly see life from… well… let’s call it a refreshing perspective with Gertie around.


Gertie is made according to the Waldorf tradition with Laib Yala cotton fabric in light peach for skin and the most wonderful portuguese clean and carded wool to make Gertie a firm but cuddly friend. She has a cute bottom, knee dimples and an innie belly button all sculpted using needle and thread. Her face details were “drawn” with cotton embroidery floss. Her hair is Wild¬†mohair in a light blonde.


Gertie will go home wearing:

cotton bloomers,

a handknitted sweater knitted in the most scrumptious green, knitted with the amazing Beiroa yarn from Retrosaria Rosa Pomar (you know I love it and will keep going on about this yarn forever and ever :) )

skirt in a glorious vintage floral just calling for Spring with a blue and white polka dot attached underskirt (with elastic waist)

cotton knit socks in a beautiful blue with just the right amount of green

leather boots with blue ties



Thank you so much for coming here to meet this cutie and know a bit more about her.













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