*neve, neige, nieve, snow

Her hair was white as snow and her skin was light chocolate. She was born in the colder months of winter to bring light to the darker days.

“A pixie for sure!”- said the deer.

“A magical creature!” – said the wind.

“A winter spirit”- said the snow.

She made the forest her home and every time she is seen the sky clears away the clouds and the sun shines with the warmest winter rays.

But to this day no one, not the snow, not the wind, not the deer, knows who she is, where she came from or if she will stay or leave at the end of Winter or when the wind changes.




Lumi is a wool beeing, about 10 in tall, constructed according to the Waldorf techniques, with a needlefelted tiny nose.

Her skin is light brown Laib Yala and her hair is white alpaca fiber washed, cleaned and wefted by me and then crocheted into a Wild Mohair cap (you will probably find some vegetable matter in her hair though it was carefully washed and cleaned)

She’s filled with clean and carded portuguese wool.

She has a tiny neck and ears and knees.


Lumis’ wardrobe consists of:

blue and white dress

knitted sweater with rolled up neck

jeans with elastic waist


cotton socks

leather boots (new pattern!!! so happy I finally got to draw this one)

and she’s here:






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