Welcome December!!


Probably my favorite month. Christmas lights are on all around Lisboa, the city smells of “castanhas assadas” (roasted chestnuts) and evenings when the daylight is gone and everyone is out on the streets are my favorite moments for a hot cocoa or coffee at a coffee shop just watching the busy late afternoon life of the city.

I planned doing a photoshoot for Elvira and Amaris yesterday but the day was gloomy and dark and not enough light so instead I decided to make the perfect Christmas tree for them!

My girls helped and made gingerbread men, placed tiny red balls and golden stars all around the tree and we even lighted it.

Today Elvira and Amaris wanted to help and decided to dress up for the sollemn occasion of putting the star on top of the tree.


They both wanted to place it of course so we just decided to do it twice :)



Thruth be told the house was not that cold and Elvira was the first to let me know the coat was too much


They played around the tree all morning.


Stopping for a photo every now and then



Thank you for coming to meet them!

Elvira and Amaris will both be in the etsy shop at 10 pm tonight Lisboa time, in about 4h30 hours.



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