We’re in the middle of two birthday celebrations which will continue for another week. I’ve been baking all morning and hopefully won’t be baking all night :) but I needed a break and wanted you to know a bit more about Petal.petal_3

She’s been keeping me company and every so often Petal closes her eyes and whispers about the amazing chocolate scent in the air. She helped me choose the girls favorite desserts for the parties and gave me the best ideas for it.



She plans on beeing a baker she has told me. But yesterday, while the girls were drawing she wanted to be a painter and the day before a movie director so who knows… I’m certain she can do anything she puts her mind up to and she’ll do great things.


Now for Petal details:

She’s a Tiny Petite about 9/10 in tall (very grown up she tells me) made from Laib yala cotton jersey and pure carded portuguese wool constructed according to Waldorf techniques. Her nose is sculpted using needlefelting.

She has firm but cuddly body and limbs, perfect to hug. She has also a lot of details: cute tiny ears, atiny neck, a needle sculpted innie belly button, a cute little bottom and knee dimples. She’ll sit and stand up with support.

All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread.  Her cheeks and knees are colored with beeswax.

Her hair is blond curly wefted mohair crocheted into a cap.

Petal wears a cotton flutter sleeve dress, handknited wool cardigan and hat, cotton bloomers, knit cotton socks and wool boots with a leather sole.



I had the most fun with her photoshoot! I hope it shows!


Petal will be looking for her home tonight around 10 pm (Lisbon time) in my etsy shop

Hope you had fun meeting her!



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