Ages ago :) I was looking for the perfect black mohair for a custom with the help of Debbie (from Little Oke Dolls) and Debbie was kind enough to help me with a few skeins of different mohair from her personal stash. Black mohair is not usually used because in some cases it can transfer to clothes or skin and so it’s not that easy to find (but Debbie can do anything I’ve learned).

The mama choice was another one of the blacks but at that moment Juniper was born in my mind, now I just needed the time to turn my thoughts into a “real” girl.

A tiny girl with hair almost as messy as my own, a beautiful darker skin tone (Laib Yala medium brown) and sweet deep brown eyes.


That took me a while but here she is and it was really worth the wait.


Tiny Juniper measures 10″/ 25 cm, made from Laib Yala cotton jersey and stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. His hair is brown Loop mohair (or DollyMo boucle) attached to a crocheted cap.


Her nose is sculpted using needlefelting techniques. She has firm but cuddly body and limbs, perfect to hug. Has a needle sculpted innie belly button, a cute little bottom and also knee dimples as usual. She’ll sit and stand up with support. All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread.



Tiny Juniper wears:
a flowery cotton dress with flutter sleeves that closes with snaps on the back,
a knitted cardigan in the most beautiful dark green
cotton bloomers
blue/green-ish cotton jersey socks
wool boots with leather soles

She will be at my etsy shop later today hoping to find her home quickly <3

Any questions please send me a message!

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