Beatriz, the first girl to be born in our new home (that still needs a lot of love but is already very loved by us), the first Autumn girl to be born…



Her favorite colors are brown and yellow so she’s the happiest girl ever when the leaves start to turn and the feeling of Autumn is in the air.


Oh the promises of evenings cuddling between blankets with hot chocolate and books, just my kind of girl!


She promises to jump on every leaf pile you ever make but also to help gathering them again, promises to help you eat all the cookies in the box while you drink your hot cocoa but also to go to the store to get more and she promises she’ll always share her blanket for cuddling because Autumn it’s always better with a friend.

Tiny Beatriz measures 10″/ 25 cm, made from Laib Yala cotton jersey and is stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. His hair is brown DollyMo mohair crocheted into a cap.


Her face nose is sculpted using needlefelting techniques. She has firm but cuddly body and limbs, perfect to hug. Beatriz has a needle sculpted innie belly button, a cute little bottom and I also gave her knee dimples. She’ll sit and stand up with support. All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread.


Beatriz wears a yellow flowery cotton dress with flutter sleeves that closes with snaps on the back and a tulle underskirt. I’ve knitted her a comfy cardigan because nights over here are getting cooler. She also wears cotton bloomers in her favorite light grey, white cotton jersey socks and leather boots.


Beatriz will be hoping to find her family later today on my etsy shop.

Thank you for coming here to meet her!

UPDATED: If you’d like to bring Beatriz home you can find her here:



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