Welcome my friends!

Please meet Carolina.

Carolina puzzles me right from the beggining…

I’m sure she’s a fairy that one day just found in my studio a place to stay for a while

She says she’s just a girl but you should see the way she sparkles when she says it (not just a girl I tell you).

I don’t even think she touches the ground when she walks…











See, what do you think?! I’m sure she’s not real, don’t you agree?


Carolina is just a bit over 11 inches tall, about 29 cm made with Laib Yala cotton fabric and clean, carded portuguese wool.

Her features are needle sculpted and her blue eyes and eyelashes are embroidered with cotton embroidery thread.

She has all the usual details: ears, cute (very cute indeed) bottom, knee and elbow dimples and a tiny innie belly button. She also has the a tiny neck.


Carolina will go home wearing:

a green, pink and blue floral cotton flutter sleeve dress with an linen underskirt (attached)

light brown leather boots with a green leather wrap

light grey lace shawl (man made fibers, but oh so soft)

a flowery headband

and for underwear:

green cotton bloomers with a cotton lace bow

off white cotton knit socks.



If you’d like to offer Carolina a home follow the link please :)







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