There’s been a while since I had a “tomboy” in the studio and oh how I missed it!
I had all the intentions of making a girly girl right after Henry, the boy. I’ve picked a long curly blond hair, the sculpted features were just as I wanted them to be, sweet and feminine. And the print for the dress… what a perfect print for a Spring dress. Even her name as she whispered it to me… Esmeralda, surely a girly girl.
But somewhere along the way, as usual around here, I began to think I was very much wrong. Questions like “Will there be trees to climb at home?” and “Dresses are not pratical at all, can’t I have overalls?” made me think that maybe, just maybe she wasn’t such a girly girl after all.
Well I can see how happy she is with her overalls and the dress turned into a pretty shirt with gathered sleeves (because Esme really loves them). Oh and please call her Esme. Though she loves Esmeralda she most definitely wants to be called Esme when playing.
Esmeralda is just over 11 inches tall, about 29 cm made with Laib Yala cotton fabric and clean, carded portuguese wool.
Her features are needle sculpted and her brown eyes and eyebrows are embroidered with cotton embroidery thread.
She has all the usual details: ears, cute bottom, knee dimples and a tiny innie belly button. She also has the cutest tiny neck and elbow dimples (these are possible the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen!)
Esmeralda will go home wearing a cute set of cotton undies and socks, a beautiful cotton shirt in white, blues, mint and coral tones and the cutest jeans overalls with working front and back pockets (the sides front pockets are only sewn not working ones). And boots because everyone needs a pretty set of boots!
Oh and her almost neon :) headband because Esmeralda told me that although she didn’t wanted shorter hair she doesn’t want it to be all over her face when running and climbing.
Esme will be searching for home tonight at 10 pm Lisboa time (5 pm EDT) at my Indiecart store:

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