Twins are a lot of trouble

Olivia and Isabella were born almost exactly at the same time and that’s the only thing they argue about: Who’s the eldest?

T4Honestly I have no idea. They were sketched together and lovingly made at the same time so I cannot answer their questions and finish this argument.


Sometimes they both want to be the eldest sister sometimes, they both want to be the baby sister, but most of the time they’re just plotting something together.

T6And playing… these two just won’t stop for nothing. Even when I asked to take separated photos of them well… that didn’t actually worked out very well: I’ll just stay here on the side said Olivia.


And I’ll be up here while you take Olivia’s photos said Isabella.


That won’t work at all, said a desperate dollmaker, could you just wait a few seconds for each other?

And amazingly they did, because they’re sweet like that.

So I took Olivia’s pictures…


Are we done yet?!


Are we done yet?!


Now we’re done right?!


Yes Olivivia, we are done! Thank you for beeing so kind :)

Can we do it now Isabella?

B7Just be still for a second please.


But Olivia is making funny faces, she doesn’t let me concentrate.


I promise to make my best smile and stay very still and then can I go?

Can you take just one more of the two of us together?


And that’s a wrap! Now let’s let them play all they want while I tell you a bit more about them.

Olivia and Isabella are Tiny Petites, measure about 23/24 cm, 9 inches.

They’re constructed according to Waldorf techniques and their noses are sculpted using needlefelting. They have all the usual details: needle sculpted innie belly button, a cute little bottom and knee dimples They’ll sit and stand up with support. All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread. Her cheeks and  dimples are colored with beeswax.

We had so much fun choosing their outfits (although I had knitted them sweaters before and they just didn’t like the bulkiness. So they decided for polka dots dresses and fluttery sleeves (new pattern design for me) oh and tulle, there has to be tulle they said.

What else girls? Headbands, cute bow hairbands! (they have elastic to be easier to put them on and take them off without untying the bow and I realized I have to make this in human size because they are so adorable).

And fluffy shawls, right Olivia?! asked Isabella. Of course, with cute vintage buttons! said Olivia. Oh they will be the prettiest shawls ever!! And so I’ve made them shawls from a mohair blend and added vintage plastic buttons with matching colors.

We were quite happy with how the outfits turned out. Sweet and cute just like these two!

Olivia and Isabella will be up for adoption on etsy at 10 pm today (GMT time) and the adoption fee will be 130 Euros for each (plus shipping) unless…

… well unless anyone wants to bring them both home. They would love to be together forever and ever as they say. But they also agree that if they don’t, they’ll be writing and sending pictures to each other. ALL THE TIME! they say.

If you’d like to bring them both home please make an offer based on their individual cost  (minimum 260 Euros both) using the form bellow but be aware, these twins are a lot of work! I’ll close the form at 9 pm (GMT) and update the post and publish on the facebook page the result (if they’ll be going home together or getting individual listings on etsy)

Thank you so much!!





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