Hazel, the girl that stole my heart

Hazel is the most independent girl. She’s a big girl, nearly 11 inches! So when she left me a note saying she would be travelling to see the World I wasn’t that much surprised


Except soon after she decided to leave, Hazel decided that only snacks wouldn’t do. She would need something to sleep on. (You see Hazel is an adventurer but she quite likes her confort). She couldn’t find a sleeping bag so she decided to pack the next best thing: a matress!

“It will fit” she said.


“It will!”


“Maybe if I’ll sit on it?!”


Eventually Hazel decided that’s no way to travel and made me promise I find her a place to stay. And I couldn’t say no to this sweet face, could I?


So, if you’re willing to give sweet Hazel a home please check the etsy shop:


around 10 pm GMT and she’ll be all ready to go home.

Hazel will be getting dressed and ready meanwhile.


Hazel is my first girl this size, measures a little under 11 inches and she has a slimmer body.

Her face details are needlesculpted and her gorgeous almond shaped green eyes are embroidered with cotton thread.

She has all the usual details: ears, cute bottom, knee dimples and a tiny innie belly button. She also has the cutest tiny neck.


Hazel chose a vintage cotton fabric for her dress and she wanted knit sleeves so she can pull them up easily to play.


She decided for leather shoes with tiny details and flowers attached.


And the perfect wool scarf and hat to match the beautiful print on her dress.


Hazel fills my heart with joy and hapinness! Hope she fills your heart too! <3






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