Hi everyone, this might turn into a bit longer post but please stay with me for just a bit if you’d like a custom order. Maybe grab a cup or a glass of your favorite drink. <3

This is me.


You can find me there somewhere in one of my favorite photos, you know the ones, those that capture just a glimpse of that perfect day. Sometimes they’re just like that, bad phone pictures that turn out just perfect!

This is the reason I started this dollmaking journey and the reason I’m so slow at dollmaking. This is the reason sometimes a doll takes me a few days to make and sometimes seems to take forever. And this is why, most of all, I thank you for your support!

And keeping in mind that I’m the World slowest dollmaker (Guinness book of World records says so) let’s talk  customs.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to open custom orders, mostly because I know that sometimes with the etsy listings there are glitches and also because sometimes it seems almost impossible to get something on etsy or other platforms if one doesn’t have really fast fingers (meaning I never, ever get something if there’s someone else trying at the same time). And then there’s the time “warp” thing J that makes it almost impossible for me to list them at a time convenient for everyone. Another thing that’s been on my mind is that I noticed this week a message from November (!!) that I missed and, I hope not, but I might have missed others. So I’ve decided to change things a bit.

I’m opening two custom spots now for non-sculpted Tiny Petites to be completed until the end of April.

One on etsy in about three hours and another through a form at the end of this post. If there’s more than two entries I’ll do a random drawing (old fashioned style). I’ll leave it open until Sunday midnight here (GMT) and will have the drawing done by the end of the Monday.

Are you still with me? Thank you!!! Now for the details.

The Tiny Petites measure about 9 in /23 cm and are made according to the traditional Waldorf doll style. They come with details like tiny ears, belly button, cute bottoms, knee dimples and elbow dimples if you’d like.

They will come with 5 pieces of clothing of your choice including a hand knitted piece, plus underware and shoes of course.

You can choose hair from mohair yarn (Dolly Mo) or mohair weft. If you decide on another type of hair the cost will be adjusted.

The cost is 170 Euros (adjusted for the extra clothing) plus shipping. Half the payment to be made in 24 hours of my contact and the final payment plus shipping to be made when  ready to go home.

Another thing that I’ll do if more than two persons enter is create a customs list. The ones that don’t get a custom this drawing will be added to the list that will be done in order. When I’m ready to make new customs I’ll open a new listing on etsy/hyenacart facebook for one and get back to the following person on that list for the other.

If by any chance I draw the same person that bought the etsy listing I’ll draw another.

Keep in mind though that I’m the slowest dollmaker in the world!

Thank you for joining me in this adventure! And this long post :)



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