Oh how can I describe Odete?



She’s a handful trust me! You’ll never know what she’ll be doing next. She’s very (and I mean VERY) determined and doesn’t take no for an answer (well,she will, but she’ll sulk).


I can’t really keep up with her. Always trying to find the next fun thing to do… and it usually envolves something messy.

All time favorites: mud kitchens in the winter (because of the rain you don’t even need to add water, see?! she tells me), back yard hose baths in the warm summer days (oh the fun, I actually love those too) and of course painting with brushes that are bigger than her (if you try to tell her she has to be careful not to paint on furniture she won’t even know what the problem is, isn’t more color always better? she’ll ask) .


Tiny Odete measures about 9″/ 23 cm, made from mocha Laib Yala cotton jersey and stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. Her hair is brown wefted mohair crocheted into a cap.


She’s constructed according to Waldorf techniques and her nose is sculpted using needlefelting. She has firm but cuddly body and limbs, perfect to hug. She also has a lot of details, a needle sculpted outie (yes!!) belly button, a cute little bottom and knee dimples oh and she has the tiniest, cutest elbow dimples too. She’ll sit and stand up with support (she actually stands on her own if you take the time to find her balance). All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread including her gorgeous eyebrows. Her cheeks and dimples are colored with beeswax.


She wears a two part cotton dress. The bodice is made from a gorgeous blue and off white polka dot cotton, lined with a blue light cotton. The skirt has the most amazing floral print and has a machine embroidery flower detail in the bottom hem. She will also travel with her turtle neck hanknitted sweater in natural white but she says it’s too warm over here for it and she’ll only wear it if she goes to colder parts of the world. She thinks it’s enough to show it wrapped around her shoulders.


She also wears her favorite pair of bloomers, coton socks and brown wool boots with a vintage lace detail.

Odete will be available as soon as I finish her listing on the etsy shop

Thank you!! For your amazing support to my work, your words and love!



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