New begginings

There’s always a deep connection between me and my dolls and everytime I finish one the feeling is indescribable and sending them home leaves me always unsettled until I know they arrived safely.


sometimes a doll takes more from me than what I antecipated.

It can result from a multitude of different factors and can have very different outcomes.

Elizabeth was a difficult birth in the sense that I had to change a lot of my patern during her making (it doesn’t actually looks that much different but trust me, it is :) ).

From doll to doll there is always change, sometimes tiny, sometimes big but it’s usually something I decide to do, because I like that change (and search perfection lol). The big challenge this time was that it was not something I had previously decided.

My first 15 in sculpted… a long, not always easy birth (thank you kind mama for your amazing patience, kind words and encouragement, you are an amazing person, but we knew that already).

It coincided with the change of the year and emphasized the idea of new begginings, of change and I love new begginings.

And then, somewhere along the process, I saw her  cute little nose and her contagious smile, and then she opened her eyes and all the difficult times were behind!

so… ready for a photo marathon?! I hope so :) Sit confortable, grab a cup of hot chocolate and meet Elizabeth through my eyes.


… a couple more? :)


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