About one year ago I’ve made my first Tiny Petite, as a gift to myself. I wanted a tiny doll I could take with me everywhere.

My first tiny was born.

my love

As you can see she’s a bit different from my later Tinies :)

That was when I fell in love with tiny dolls.

This year I kept adding more details and adjusting the pattern (there is always something to improve) and this time I wanted to add something extra and try something on this Tiny that I have tried before with the biggest girl I’ve ever made. Isn’t it amazing how with only wool and a needle it’s possible to add so much expression and detail.

So, September (I’ve been calling her September from the start  because she reminds me of late Summer afternoons, warm and with all those amazing colors, and we couldn’t agree on a name so, unless her mama has another perfect name for her, September she is) has a bit more details than my other Tiny.

Well, let me just stop talking and show you:

tiny details

September has a tiny sculpted mouth and a tiny neck.


She also has some adjustments to her body pattern but not too much, a bit slimmer but not without my favorite belly.

September cuteness

And her clothing of course! I need to show you that too. With days getting cooler but not too cold a dress and a cowl seem perfect!

September cosy!

Lace and pastels are perfect for such a romantic soul.

sweetness in 9 in



Now that I’ve kept her here long enough it’s time for September to find her home!

If you’d like to take September home please make me an offer through private message (to lapetitecollection@lapetitecollection.com or message me through the facebook page).

I hope September finds her home and I’ll close messages and e-mail her mama at noon on the 28th (Lisboa time).


Thank you so much for your support as I grow as a dollmaker.












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