what can I say about Leonor?

I feel in love with her right at the begining… her personality just emerged from the wool and while I helped her came to this world I always had the feeling that my hands just followed her guidance.

She’s been almost ready for a while now and I kept postponing the last stitches… keeping her here for a bit longer… listening to her… wondering what the world will bring her… trying to review every stitch in my head so I won’t forget any detail.

She’s here now, ready to follow her own path.

I wish that she finds a wonderful and loving home with friends to listen to her stories and to tell her many others, lots of play and fun!!!


11 9 12 8 7 2 5  3  16

Leonor is about 15 in tall. She says she’s not a baby anymore, that she’s tall, a lady… but you now… she’ll always be my baby. <3

Her skin is made from light pink Laib Yala swiss tricot and she’s filled with pure carded portuguese wool.

Her face features (nose and tiny chin) are lightly sculpted using needlefelting techniques. Eyes and mouth are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Leonor cheeks are blushed with colored beeswax.

Her hair is an amazing wefted mohair (with a crocheted base in pure wool) in the loveliest dark brown with soft curls.

Leonor has needle sculpted knee dimples and a cute little bottom.

She will sit and stand with assistance.

Leonor is wearing a long white dress made from an gorgeous vintage linen that I absolutely love (closes with snaps on the back) a long overskirt with short bodice (linned) and knotted straps (the straps have snaps to close).
She also wears an amazingly soft and luxurious silk and wool shawl made from Noro Silk Garden yarn (I just love the name of this yarn) and her outfit wouldn’t be complete without her handsewed leather boots. She also wears white cotton bloomers (made from the lightiest cotton) and white cotton jersey socks.

She’s here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaPetiteCollection/

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