More on Amelia…

Amelia is sweet as sugar and a girl with big dreams!


A Spring girl who loves to feel the sun in her face and lay on the grass closing her eyes and feeling the warmth.

cute as a button

She will be still for hours if you give her a book about adventures in distant and magical places.

IMG_6336 (1024x683)

tiny Amelia

She wants to be a writer, maybe a poet and I would love to read the world through her words.

IMG_6372 (683x1024)

Tiny Amelia measures a bit more than 9″/ 24 cm, made from Laib Yala cotton jersey and is stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. Her hair is light brown DollyMo mohair crocheted into a cap.

Her nose is sculpted using needlefelting techniques. She has firm but cuddly body and limbs, perfect to hug. Amelia has a needle sculpted innie belly button a cute little bottom and also knee dimples. She’ll sit and stand with support. All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread, she has olive green eyes.

Amelia wears a flowery cotton dress with a lined top, a dark yellow polka dotted hair ribbon and bloomers, tiny cotton jersey white socks and dark brown leather boots. She’s a Spring girl but it has been cold around here so I’ve knitted her a cowl in the softetst, bulkiest wool.

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