The snowbattle


Remember I said the girls were not very happy?! Well when they saw the outfits they were ready to jump out to the snow to have a snow battle. That’s when I’ve told them that it doesn’t really snow around here… so we decided to improvise :)

Getting ready to snow battle with “snowbals” made of wool and a tiny sheep friend in the most white landscape provided by a very versetile rug IMG_5794 (1024x683)


After the snow battle both girls were tyred and already thinking of hot chocolate and cookies

tired friends (1024x683)

But a snow day wouldn’t be complete without snow angels, would it?

IMG_5817 (1024x683)Mia will bring lots of smiles to her home, I’m sure! She’s so fun to be around, with a huge imagination there’s not a moment of boredom around her. She’s the one that starts the play and defies everyone around.

IMG_5854 (683x1024)

Audrey is a quiet girl, more of an observer than a talker with an unique connection to nature ( I’m pretty sure she understands all animals languages and can talk to the wind).


They have tiny details that I love, right and left foot just like their big sisters

IMG_5845 (1024x683)

tiny knee dimples

tiny dimples

cute little ears and needlefelted face features.

And their clothes… perfect for Winter and snow!!

I’ve knitted sweaters with the yarn I fell in love with at the beggining of the year and talked about in the last post. And as I was on a knitting spree they both also have knitted berrets. They wear they favorite cotton skirts with elastic waist, cotton bloomers (don’t you just love their bloomers?!) and wool boots to keep her feet warm in this cold Winter.

Come by to the shop where Mia and Audrey are looking for a family.

IMG_5817 (1024x683)


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