The year has turned and I enjoyed the last days of 2014 and the begining of 2015 with everyone at home wich means not much work done, not many dolls being born but a lot of fun and cuddles and memories made. There’s no way I can get my three girls in one picture and all are on focus, the little one went on running off this picture.Botanical Garden (2)

It was also a time to look back to what was accomplished last year and make plans for the future. I want to thank everyone who was here through 2014 and by liking, commenting  and buying supported my work and helped me grow. Thank you!!! I promise more in the year to come!

For 2015 I want to keep on creating (so many ideas that want to fly out of my notebooks), keep on learning and invite you to my studio and home a bit more through this blog.

knitting (1024x683)


Knitting is one of the passions I plan (and have already started) to explore this year. 2015 started with this gorgeous yarn Beiroa from Retrosaria, love how it feels and I’ve already knitted four bonnets and two sweaters (seems too much?! well just one of the bonnets is in real children size, all the others are Petite sized)

And I keep madly in love with this color combo!

Beiroa 2


And to start the year properly I would like to introduce Mia and Audrey to you

making plans (2)

they are Tiny Petites that can sit in your hand and love to whisper their amazing adventures in your hear. They comunicate in a strange (to me) language with each other, it almost seems the wind blowing and not really two cute girls talking.

Not nice (1024x683)


They will be properly photographed tomorrow, now that their clothes are ready and they love their outfits. Then they will be ready to find their family.

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