Artur is one of those boys that just doesn’t stand still…

you're cute!

IMG_5551 (683x1024)

…unless he’s looking at an ant taking “groceries” home or watching a bird making his nest…or listening to the wind… in those moments the world could collapse around him and he wouldn’t notice.

IMG_5576 (683x1024)

He’s always making us laugh like when right in the middle of the photoshoot he insisted on showing off his belly button or when he thought it would be “cool” to appear in a photo with his sleeves up because he’s a cool guy you know…

want to see my belly button?

tiny belly button

He likes confy clothing and green and blue so I’ve made him a confy shirt from cotton jersey and shorts to match, cotton trousers with pockets to keep the bits finds outside and shows when telling his adventures

Artur shorts

do I look better with hat off..or on?pockets


Artur is an waldorf inspired 18/19 in, 46/ 48 cm doll, made with the same basic techniques of Waldorf doll making with a couple of aditional features. His skin is cotton jersey (Laib yala) and he’s stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. He has needle sculpted belly button a cute little bum, elbows and knee dimples (blushed with beeswax). His hair is light brown mohair (Dollymo) crocheted into a wig.
His face features (eyes and mouth) are hand embroidered with cotton thread. He can sit alone and stand up against a wall,

Artur will bring jersey cotton shorts and shirt and cotton trousers (the fabric has some elasticity so I’m not sure if there’s some man made fiber added to it) with contrasting functional pockets. And his wool shoes. He also wears his wool scarf and hat.

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