Mab *the joyful one*

It’s been busy, busy over here, so many new adventures for me in the dollmaking world.

I’ve created 2  different size dolls patterns this month, one as a custom order (and I realized I absolutelly love  making big girls), another for a trade (shhh…let’s keep it our little secret for now). AND I’ve changed my 18 in pattern (in progress) to a more girly look, skinnier with smaller heads, something a bit more like my 15 in girl, well, not too skinny because I like little bellies.

So, as you see, there’s a very good reason for my disapearence…

roll the drums, please… oh butterflies on my stomach… I present to you Mab, my very first 21/22 in girl..

Good morning sunshine!!

Good morning sunshine!

Mab loves to daydream in the mornings so it was a bit dificult to get her out of bed, sorry for the “I don’t want clothes, I’m perfectly fine in my bloomers and socks” pictures.

IMG_4972 (683x1024)


IMG_4977 (683x1024)

“I don’t want socks either!”

hmmm looks like a very opinonated girl was born here

You do know you have to get dressed eventually, don’t you? I know it seems that the summer ain’t over yet but the colder mornings and nights are a sign that soon you won’t be able to go around in your bloomers.

IMG_4830 (683x1024)

“Ready to go, I have my dress and my shoes on! Where will we go today?”

And socks… and a cardigan! you’ll be chilly outside and I knitted the perfect cardigan to go with your dress.

IMG_5007 (683x1024)


“Ok ready to go! And I do love my cardigan”

Socks, please!

I hear her whisper that it’s too hot while she heads for the bedroom to get her socks.

IMG_4994 (683x1024)

Socks on, cardigan off, boy getting this girl outside is a lot of trouble, reminds me of three little cuties I know ;)

Finally we’re ready,let’s find your family!



IMG_4961 (683x1024)



IMG_4877 (683x1024)“Is she here yet?”

Who, my love?

“Mom, of course!”

You have to be a little patient she’ll be here soon!

“I’ll play while I wait”

IMG_4924 (683x1024)

What are you doing Mab??

“I’m waiting for the stars!”

waiting for the stars

“I’ll get my cardigan, maybe the nights are cold where my family lives.”





Mab is a doll made according to the Waldorf tradition but I carefully added needlefelted face features. So she has a cute nose, cheeks, chin and lips all needlefelted with great care.
She also has needle sculpted body features: an outie bellybutton, a cute little bottom and knees dimples.

Mab is about 21 in (54 cm).

Her skin is made from Laib Yala brown swiss tricot and she’s filled with carded natural portuguese wool. All seams are triple or double stitched by machine or by hand. All her limbs are carefully and securely hand sewn according to the Waldorf tradition. Her face features are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and her cheeks are blushed with colored beeswax.

Mab will stand and sit assisted, her head is slightly poseable (very slightly, meaning you can make her look a bit down or up but just a bit and with support for example againts a wall).

Her hair is made from a yarn called Cobertor (blanket) in the loveliest undyed brown, this yarn is used for manufacturing the traditional portuguese papa blankets, it’s a very bulky yarn with that handmade feeling, and bits of straw to prove it.
She will take home all the clothing you see pictured above:
a flowery cotton dress that closes with snaps on the back, dark blue felt shoes and light blue cotton (very lightweight) bloomers and socks.





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