IMG_4346 (1024x683)

Anna, can you come here, please?


Can I just take you a coulpe of pictures? Just a few so you can show your lovely dress and how pretty you are? (Anna is not a shy girl but she doesn’t really like to be interrupted while playing)

I want to tell everyone how you were born in my mind even before the holidays and that I had the fabric for you dress kept quietly on my table while waiting for you to be born.

Anna's dress

See, that’s lovely! And you’re showing your shoes to with that big bow that you love! Let’s show the details, what do you think?


skirt and lace underskirt

IMG_4332 (1024x684)

IMG_4337 (1024x683)

Can you take just a couple more pictures of Anna, just because I love photographing her and I want to share! IMG_4329 (683x1024) IMG_4324 (683x1024) IMG_4342 (683x1024) IMG_4316 (1024x683)

Anna is a doll made according to the Waldorf tradition. She’s about 14,5 in/ 38 cm. Her skin is made from Laib Yala swiss tricot and she’s filled with natural portuguese wool.All seams are triple or double stitched by machine or by hand. Her face features are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and her cheeks are blushed with colored beeswax.

Her hair is an amazing wefted mohair (with a crocheted base) in the loveliest blonde. Long and soo soft, perfect for styling! She loves braids and to change hairstyles. Hope her mom is better at it than me.

Anna is wearing a soft blue and white cotton dress (Tilda fabric) with a embroidered ribbon detail on the bodice and a white cotton bow on the front (the bodice and sleeves are lined). The dress closes with two snaps on the back.  She’s also wearing a cotton underskirt with a lace detail in the bottom and an elastic . And undies, of course! Cotton jersey undies in white with a blue elastic trim.

Her shoes are made from a thick dark blue felt and have this amazing white big cotton bow in the front.

Anna and I are hoping she finds a the perfect home, one where she get’s a lot of play and has a mom to read her stories.

PS-Anna is just a tiny pricier than my 14/15 in with DollyMo mohair because her hair is a bit more expensive.

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