Happy Fall everyone! and Spring if you live on the other side of the World

I hope you’re having a wonderful time, wherever you are!

We’re enjoying a sunny and warm day over here, I truly love Fall, the amazing colors, the last harvests, the new begginings. My studio has the most amazing early morning and late afternoon light, working there while it’s not yet cold is a joy and I can see the graden changing colors and the busy city life restarting after the holidays.

It’s usually when I make most of my yearly decisions and this year was no exception. So, to start I want to present the new La Petite Collection team member: I finally got myself a serger! Yay! So no more zigzaging for me unless it’s for fun! I’m very happy so far, not the scary machine so many told me about, I actually did’t find it difficult to thread at all but my sewing machine has so many steps to thread that I’m already used to it. I’m in the early begginings would love to hear the advice of the experts around there.

I have also decided to make smaller dolls, about 15″, from now on, along with the bigger girls and the Tiny Petites. I haven’t quite have a name for them yet but they they have a traditional Waldorf head and face, needle sculpted belly button, bottom AND knees. The pattern is very similar to the big girls.

The first I’m presenting you is Outono (Autumn in portuguese). She was born on the first day of Fall ans has that light in her eyes: the cosyness, the cup of warm tea, the first rains watched from the inside of the warm house, those still warm and long afternoons when we want the sunset to last forever.




IMG_4245 (683x1024)

Some details…

IMG_4277 IMG_4253 (1024x683)

in my pocket

Want more, Outono wants to show you how she always keeps tiny things in her pocket..

IMG_4222 (683x1024)

It’s a joy to photograph her, so sweet and kind but  don’t be foolished by her quiet appearance, she she can make it seem like a hurricane just went into my studio, she loves to play with everyone here jumping from a spot to another to find a new game like unravelling my wool or hide and seek with the buttons.

IMG_4274 IMG_4225 (683x1024)Hi IMG_4229 (683x1024)

Outono is a doll made according to the Waldorf tradition. Her skin is made from Laib Yala swiss tricot and she’s all natural portuguese wool on the inside. :)  Her hair is DollyMo Mohair crocheted into a wig securely attached to her head. All seams are triple or double stitched. Her face features are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and her cheeks are blushed with beeswax.

Now for the clothing: I wanted something to match her name, just the end of Summer and the beggining of the new season. She’s wearing a two parts dress, the top is made from cotton from the Out to Sea Sarah Jane collection and is lined and the bottom is a wonderful grey linen with a small but very usefull pocket in the same fabric as the top.

She also wears a Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed (Wool and Angora) shawl with a wood button, (I know why it’s called Luxury, I adore it! Want to knit something for me from it).

She also wears white cotton jersey socks and fake leather pink shoes.

Hope you loved to know a bit more about Outono, she’ll be ready to travel soon and I’m hoping she’ll find a home to share all her sweetness (and sometimes a bit of chaos too).

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