A Prince and a Princess

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a magic kingdom where two siblings lived, a prince and a princess. I call that magic kingdom my studio but they never call it that, it doesn’t have the same name twice.

They’re main wish was to travel to distant lands and as this was a magic kingdom as I told you, all they had to do was close their eyes to travel to the most amazing places. They seem to think it helps if they’re upside down :)

on our heads

When they come back and tell me all about all those countries, where (good) dragons rule and flowers speak I can’t help but listen and smile.
Are all my dolls travellers and storytellers? I’m starting to see a pattern here, maybe because I love to hear stories and read?

We rule our World!

The prince always travels with his horse a white stallion that only thinks about the princess they’re eventually going to save from a dragon. And usually they try to find her but the dragons are always friendly and no princess needed yet to be rescued.

prince in America

prince and his stallion


The princess wants to rescue a prince from a dragon too but she also never finds a scary dragon. She always travels with her best friend “miss bunny” and she never, ever, ever, goes anywhere without her vintage lace bow (or so the princess tells me). As they not intend to give up they will keep travelling until they find a needed prince and save him.

princess and miss bunny

tell me what happened

Hello Miss bunny where were you?


This little ones are about 9″/ 23 cm made from tanned Laib Yala cotton and stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. The prince hair is brown DollyMo mohair crocheted into a wig cap and the princess had a wonderful mohair boucle hair.

Their nose was needle felted. They have firm but cuddly body and limbs, perfect to hug. They’ll sit and stand up against a wall or with the help of their cape. Also have a needle sculpted innie belly button and cute little bottom.
All face details are hand embroidered with cotton thread.

The prince wears a off white cotton shirt that closes with a snap in the back, a pair of shorts made from a double gauze japanese fabric with light silver highlights with an elastic waist and a velvet ribbon that also closes with a snap on the back. His shoes and cape are made from felt (not sure but believe has acrylic in it) and his cape ties with an elastic ribbon. His crown is made from burel, a thick portuguese wool fabric. He always travels with is loyal stallion needlefelted by my with pure carded wool, cotton embroidery thread eyes and a tiny branch for support.
The princess wears a dress made from the same amazing double gauze japanese fabric with light silver highlights(with lined top) that closes in the back with snaps, felt shoes with a lace flower detail, her felt cape that ties with an elastic string and her crown, made also from burel (the crown ties in the back with cotton ribbon). She never goes anywhere without her needle felted bunny, handfelted by me with pure carded wool and her lace bow.

Let's go!I'll tell first!

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