My inspiration for Elizabeth was Elizabeth I of England and Kristina of Sweden, both strong and intelligent women.
My Elizabeth turned out to be a strong and gentle princess, she loves to read adventure books and is always searching for her next adventure. She’s knows very well what she wants and will work for it.

love my headpiece
My smile

Elizabeth is a fair skin and bright redhead with lots of personality. Her face features (nose, cheeks and chin) were needlefelted and her eyes and mouth were embroidered with cotton thread.

She told me how she likes to wear pretty dresses that allow her to run and play and so I made her a dress from a fabric I love from Retrosaria, a double gauze japanese fabric, designed by Naomi Ito. It’s amazing blue and silver polka dots is perfect for Elizabeth, or so she said to me!

a bit shy

love my dress

But a cute dress isn’t enough for a fair princess so I’ve made her a feathers headpiece, she says it shows that she’s a free spirit and will fly wherever she wants. And I’m sure she will and bring lots of adventures to her new home.

Elizabeth hair
(it was very difficult for me to find the perfect mohair to make her a wig because of her amazing hair color so I choose the one that mingled on natural light. I show it in this picture but you have to look close)

Elizabeth doesn’t like to sleep, lost time to play as she calls it! but she loves pillow fights and story telling just before bed so she’s always ready for bed as soon as I tell her it’s time.

going to bed now

Bye for now Elizabeth and thank you for your kindness and patiente while I was taking pictures.


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