Butterfly fairy

Hi! How are you? I’m a Fairy, you know? A Butterfly Fairy!


Butterfly fairy close up

Butterfly fairies are my favorites!
We’re MAGIC! We can make flowers grow and we are the ones who paint butterfly wings, did you know?

I also have butterfly wings, aren’t they wonderful? They’re poseable, see?!


(these wings are made from “burel” a thick portuguese wool fabric, and have a wire frame within so you can pose them as you like, they have straps that go around the arms like backpack straps)

What is in there

I love my fairy dress, it looks just like a flower! It has petals pink and white, my favorite colors. And my pink ballerina shoes, oh, I love them!
Wanna see it better?!


(our Butterfly Fairy wears a dress with a three layer(!!!) skirt: pink polka dot cotton, a tule underskirt attached to the dress and white vintage cotton petals. It also has pink petals details on the arms and waist, I hope I got the “I’m in a flower” mood she wanted)


I can fly!!!!

Like my dress

BF top view

I always wear my flower crown, each flower was handsewned to a pink satin ribbon.

BF flower crown

(this flower crown was made handsewing tiny felt flowers and then sewing them to a pink satin ribbon that ties in the back with a knot)

BF close up

What can I say more about our Butterfly Fairy… She loves the outdoors, of course, she’s a fairy!… She’s the sweetest girl, a wonderful, caring and giving friend. She’s curious and she talks a lot :)… asking questions, telling stories, It’s a pleasure to be around her!

She actually makes us notice those tiny wonderful pieces of the world we so often don’t see because we’re too busy or too worried about other things!

She makes me laugh, makes me think about all we have to be grateful for! She’s an amazing friend!

What is in there

Butterfly fairy close up

“Technical notes”:)
Butterfly Fairy is made with the same basic techniques Waldorf/Steiner dolls are, with a few changes.
Her body is made from cotton (Laib yala tricot), triple sewned two times and filled with carded portuguese wool. Her face features (nose, chin and cheeks) are needle felted. Her deep green eyes and pink mouth are hand embroidered with cotton embroidery thread. Her hair is mohair applied in a crocheted mohair wig cap securely attached to the head.

She has right and left feet and I needle sculpted a cute bottom and a belly button like I usually do.

She will travel to her new home with the dress, shoes, flower crown and wings showned in pictures and she will also take undies and a nightgown.

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