Time to introduce Chloe to the world, or the world to Chloe! :)


Chloe hair back

Chloe is a very patient girl, she waited all through my pneumonia (that’s what the nasty cold was, unfortunatelly) for me to dress her. She’s a very fun girl to be around, she likes to tell the most amazing stories and has the most wonderful adventures to tell, just sit by her with a cup of tea and you’ll have an amazing time.
This girl obviously like to have fun, long afternoons at the beach… picnics that last all day with games and songs… reading in an hammock while the long summer afternoons go by.

feeling happy!!!

She wanted a party dress, so I made her a light grey one with the most wonderful silk top and a lovely long skirt, as free as she is, with lots of movement, almost a princess dress.

Chloe  close up

Chloe standing

Chloe standing against the window

Chloe Standing back

Maybe I could do the bow better but I actually think she likes it that it’s not all perfect.

My girls thought the party might end late “and maybe she’s cold when she’s back home” so I’ve knitted her a shawl, just to be sure she’ll won’t be cold.

if the night goes on

Chloe is an waldorf inspired 18″ / 48 cm doll, made with the same basic techniques of Waldorf doll making with a couple of aditional features. Her skin is cotton jersey (Laib yala) and she’s firmly stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. She has needle felted face features (chin and cheeks and needle sculpted belly button and cute little bum (blushed with beeswax)like I usually do. Her hair is wefted light brown mohair that can be treated just like human hair, just don’t blow dry it or it will frizz and you’ll have to start over. :)
I’m sure she’s hoping her mom will be a better hairdresser than I am. Her face features (eyes, mouth and eyebrows) are hand embroidered with cotton thread. She can sit alone and stand up against a wall, if you take the time to find her balance she will stand alone.

Chloe will bring undies, her polka dot nightgown, her party dress that closes with two snaps on the back, her mohair shawl (I can’t find the wool tag but I’m sure it has a bit of handmade fiber added to the mix) dark grey wool mary janes and of course her grey satin hair bow.

Chloe standing top view

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