I want to join the circus!

Louise, the adventure seeker!


When I asked Louise what she wanted me to tell you about her she answered “I want to join the circus!”
At first I was puzzled about what to write about her but then I knew that sentence says it all. Louise is a very adventurous girl. She wants to see new places, meet new people, know more about the world. She’s very curious, always wanting to know more!

Can I go now?

She always wants to go explore some more, learn new things. She’ll find the whole world in a garden if you let her explore at her will.


I love how that can be seen on her expression, that will to observe and discover.


Louise is an waldorf inspired 18″ / 48 cm doll, made with the same basic techniques of Waldorf doll making with a couple of aditional features. Her skin is cotton jersey (Laib yala) and she’s firmly stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. She has needle felted face features and needle sculpted belly button and cute little bum (blushed with beeswax). Her hair is mohair (DollyMo brushable) in a lovely light burned orange shade. Her face features (eyes, mouth and eyebrows) are hand embroidered with cotton thread. She can sit alone and stand up against a wall.




She asked me for a simple dress, a pretty and joyful one she said but that allows me to run.
So I’ve made her a colorful print dress in blue that I think looks lovely with her wild red hair and for girly (and circus) details I added a double ruffle at the bottom and a big mustard polka dot bow on the front. The cotton dress closes with three snaps on the back and, as usual, has a lined top).



She said the grey wool shoes weren’t “bright” enough and was oh so happy when she saw the blue flower detail the next morning. (they close with snaps)


She also wanted a pink nightgown so I made her a girly one, do you like it?


I know she’ll be very happy travelling and meeting new people, learning new things and finding happiness in the little things!

She’ll be waiting for her new family here:

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