My beautiful and brave Juliette!

Oh Juliette… I can’t even begin to say what she means to me!

Juliette is a very brave girl, she’s not scared of anything! She’s the princess that saves the prince from the dragon. The first one to climb up the tree when there’s a kitten traped up there. The one that says “Everything will be alright!” AND makes it happen!

IMG_3622 (1024x683)

Juliette loves early mornings, she loves the early morning light and seeing the city come to life from her window, with a milk cup on her hands and standing by her mom, while they watch in silence as the day begins.

watching the sunrise

She’s very fair and kind but can become a little impatient if things don’t happen as she wishes. She likes to make things happen and doesn’t quite understand why doesn’t everybody else.

Juliette an waldorf inspired 18″ / 48 cm doll, made with the same basic techniques of Waldorf doll making with a couple of aditional features. Her skin is cotton interlock and she’s firmly stuffed with pure carded portuguese wool. She has needle felted face features and needle sculpted belly button and cute little bum (blushed with beeswax). Her hair is mohair (DollyMo brushable) in a lovely light brown shade. Her face features (eyes, mouth and eyebrows) are hand embroidered with cotton thread.

Juliette face features

bath time Juliette

Juliette sits alone, stands against a wall and if you have the patience to find her balance she will stand alone.

She travels with two outfits:
white cotton dress (linned top) with three wood flower buttons, a lovely white trim on the bottom and a pink detachable ribbon on the low waist made in to a front bow by me (that you can change as it’s not attached, just placed through the loops on the dress). The dress closes with three snaps on the back.

IMG_3619 (683x1024) (683x1024)


a ballerina suit complete with a ballet leotard made from grey cotton jersey and hand embroidered on top with pink stars and, of course, a tutu, a tulle skirt with a rose applique and a pink cotton ribbon to attach in a bow at the waist.

IMG_3638 (683x1024)

she also has a pink linned fake leather shoes that close with a snap.

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