My petite Rose!

I’ve been busy lately thinking about Rosa a lot but suddenly it all became clear and Rosa told me her story.

She told me how she was born in a place where the sun always shine because even when it’s cloudy and rainy she can bring the sun out with her magic smile.
Rosa (5)

She told me how she loves all girly things, like pink and lace and bows. And tea parties with pink cupcakes! Oh, and Roses! “Aren’t those the most beautiful flowers ever?!” she always asks.
So she asked for a roses shirt and pink, a lot of pink. She’s a bit shy and didn’t want to impose but I knew she wanted a lot of bows in her outfit, and I also threw in a couple of lace details because I knew they would make her smile.

Rosa (7)

Her pocket, that she cherishes because it allows her to bring home tiny things like little rocks or petite roses, has a little vintage plastic button.

Rosa (1)

And she loves her hairclip with a pink cotton and lace bow.

Rosa (13) (683x457)

Rose is a very happy young lady and will bring laughter and joy to her new home. It will be a home where the Sun will always shine :)

Rosa (2)
Rosa (12)

Rose was made using traditional Waldorf/Steiner techniques, her body is made of swiss cotton jersey triple sewed and stuffed with carded wool. Her hair is a lovely brown wool crocheted wig. She has a belly button and a cute bottom.

Rosa (9)

Rosa (8)

Her outfit consists of a flower print cotton shirt with a pink detail on the neck and cute pink ruffles on the shoulders, a pink cotton skirt with a pocket detailed with a lace bow and a vintage plastic button. The skirt also has a lovely white detail on the botton and has an elastic waist. Her shoes are made from the same fabrics as her skirt and the sole is made from thick felt, they also have a off white cotton bow.Her hairclip is a metal one with a pink cotton and lace bow attached. She will also travel with undies and her blue polka dot nightgown made from cotton jersey.


Thank you for your visit to meet Rosa!

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