I’ll tell you a story…

-So… you want me to tell you your story…
-Yes, please!

Wild Flower

-I’ve told you the story a thousand times and will always love it.
-Me too! Tell me again.

-Well… I’ve met you long before you were actually born. I knew you’d be born from my hands one day, but I didn’t know when. So, one day I was working the wool and knew you’d be born soon. You have those wonderful cheeks and chin that just reflect you personality… and those eyes (at first I thought you’d have blue eyes but I was clearly mistaken, your eyes are obviouly deep brown).You told me your skin should be very fair.

-Just like yours
-Yes, just like mine :)

Wild Flower
-An my hair…tell me about my hair.
-Oh, your hair is absolutely amazing. Did you know the wool in your hair is clean, carded and spinned by a group of women in a small northen portuguese town called Bucos? They (the Women of Bucos) get together once a week to share the art of their mothers and grandmothers and spin the most amazing wool? Your hair has the most wonderful feeling to it. When I touch it I feel that I am in those fields.

Wild Flower

-And when I was born?
-Well, you’ve shown me from the ver start that you are a very romantic young lady!
– Yes, but not the kind that only stares at the stars, the kind that climbs the tallest mountain (and dares everyone around) to see them better.
-And then I asked you for the flower crown…
Wild Flower
-Yes you did, do you like it?
-Oh I absolutely love it, I love flowers you know?
-Yes I do! You’re definately a flower girl, that’s why I called you Wild Flower. I think it fits you perfectly. :)
-And my crown has all my favorite colors…
-And that dress you chose, I knew that lovely printed cotton would be perfect for you the moment I saw it. The little ones here told me you could be cold (it’s been chilly lately) and wanted you to have a shawl/scarf.
-I love it!
Wild FlowerWild Flower
-So do you want to hear more?
-Maybe tomorrow, I’m getting sleepy now…

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