Wonderful News ♥ A Natural Petite

I’ve been wanting/needing a new sewing machine since late last year. My old and very basic sewing machine needed to be upgraded for a while but right in the middle of Christmas rush it had an accident and ended up on the floor (three children running around my work table, thank God no one got hurt but the machine).
I hadn’t research enough about a new one so I borrowed my mother’s (which is wonderful and very reliable) to make it through Christmas time.
Last month I bought my new sewing friend. It’s all metal, sturdy and performs wonderfully. I’ve researched a lot. Between my needs and my budget I was looking for the perfect machine (a few extras wouldn’t hurt if they fitted my budget). In the end I met this wonderful couple that sold machines (domestic and industrial) for most of their lives and they found me the perfect one.

I’m still learning but I love it already!

Sooo… let’s move on for the truly important news…

I’ve made new doll!! An all natural Waldorf/Steiner doll! New pattern, new everything except for my style!
She’s 46 cm/18″, has a Swiss cotton jersey body filled with natural wool and has the most wonderful soft golden curly hair with crocheted wig cap. She has lots of sculpted details in her body: a little nose, belly button, a cute little bottom and detailed knees.

lovely lady
body details

This lovely lady had the kindness to have her pictures taken to show you the details.
She comes with two full outfits:

A beautiful cotton nightgown the fabric has this cute dot details and I love it. It also has a lace detail, lace stripes that tie on the back, a “bonne nuit” embroidery and a lovely wood button. She also has a headband made from the same cotton fabric to tie her lovely undisciplined hair during the night.

IMG_2237 (1000x595)
detalhes bonne nuit

She’s so dreamy I wanted to make her a dress with little stars, so she has a cream and blue cotton dress with lined bodice with cute details on the sleeves and bottom and three wood buttons on the back. The full outfit consists of the dress, a super soft blue wool scarf, little off white socks made from cotton jersey and black crocheted shoes that also close with wood buttons. Did you noticed the little shoes details on top? Aren’t those cute?!

“Can I dress up now?”
IMG_2256 (1000x667)
detalhes vestido
all dress up
“No more pictures, please! I want to go play!”

IMG_2272 (667x1000)

Ok!, maybe just one more to show how you almost don’t fit in the bed!


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