A sunny day and a new Petite

Weather has not been kind around here lately so when a bright sunny day arrived we jumped at the opportunity of spending time outside and managed to take a few pictures of our lovely new lady, Luísa.


I knew I had to make a new white hair lady, they look so peaceful and kind. A beautiful flower cotton for a dress (wishing for spring maybe) and a peach wool cardigan to match seem the perfect outfit for her. I’ve also made her yellow cotton undies and a pair of matching boots with the same fabric as the dress for lining (because although sunny it’s still cold).

She has a little heart on her, like all my dolls and I believe will bring a lot of love to her new family.


Luísa is about 35 cm (about 14 inches tall), her body is made from 100% wool fabric and her hair is a lovely soft 100% wool that you can style the way you like.
All her face features and heart are hand embroidered with cotton thread.
Her dress is made from this lovely flower print cotton fabric (matching the lining of her shoes) with yellow details and a peach satin bow, matching the ones in her hair.
Her peach cardigan is made from a very soft blend of wool and man made fiber and closes with a cute little button.

Hope you liked to meet her. She will be available at my etsy store as soon as I finish listing her.

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